I just finished this book and I decided to write this review and publish it somewhere online. I picked this book by googling something like “the best sci fi books”. I don’t remember whether I have ever read anything by Arthur C. Clarke before. I am starting to implement the mandatory strategy where I read every day for 1 hour in the evenings, and I can read either fiction or nonfiction. I don’t think that I’ve been reading a lot of fiction books within the last several years. The previous book I read was “Rich Dad Poor Dad’’ by Robert…

I am from Russia and I work as a content writer. I read news articles from various outlets in order to keep learning new vocabulary and things about the US overall. I work for US brands.

So, today I read this piece of news on CNN.

Is this a big thing or is it just another phase of a sequence?

I don’t know, this is a pretty weird piece to me. I am 34 and I’ve been writing content for 3 years now. And I’ve been following the US and global news in general for over 10 years now. I…

About the series

This is the second article in the Mooshy Series. I am using this series in order to write out. I plan to showcase this series to a couple of potential leads in the future as a proof that I can produce free-form content on various topics which don’t specifically relate to my immediate domain in copywriting, i.e. tech at large. But, at the same time, I am still going to gravitate back to the tech-related things throughout the series.

About the first article

So, in the first article, I described my strategy, according to which I plan…


This is going to be a very mooshy article here because I haven’t been writing much on Medium, and because the topic is very vague and because I guess that I need to write 5–6 such articles to get my groove on. So, I am not sure that these articles are going to find a highly receptive audience, but, at the same time, I don’t think that I would have been able to motivate myself to actually write out these articles, if I was not to eventually publish them and let the world see them.

Why am I writing…

Sleuth it up

I’ve just read a great article on EAT and YMYL content in 2020. It’s from Matt Pyke with Fly High Media. Thanks Mike for a gread read :)

Here’s my take on the importance of user intent today.

This was a pretty good read. I mean, I kinda know all of these things since I’ve been writing for around 5Y in Russian and English and for 2Y in English. But it’s always great to read these things again so that they get to the back of your head :)

It’s always great to read posts where authors clearly point to…

Payment gateways are a piece of tech to process card payments in your online store

A payment gateway is a piece of software that you integrate in your online store. It enables your customers to specify the card number and then confirm the payment. It’s a piece of tech to process card payments.

There’s a lot of various payment gateways on the market. And most of them are COMPLETELY THA SAME when you look at the basic use case for all of them — processing card payments.

But whenever you start looking deeper, you’ll see that there are special groups and subgroups of payment gateways that differ from all others in some specific use cases…

The Kremlin below clouds

I’ve recently written an article about the cloud computing and now I’d like to write an article about the Russian cloud computing service providers out there. I am originally from Russia, so this topic makes me go.

I don’t know why your company is seeking out specifically Russian “cloudsters”, but I suspect that there might be the two main reasons.

#1 — you want to get representation locally, so that the clouding team assures legal and “IT-environment” compliance.

#2 — you want to hire a professional team of clouding developers specifically in Russia in order to obtain lower-than-Western quotes.


Companies can set up, maintain and operate their own servers. Another option is to purchase the IT resources those servers will generate from an external provider. Those resources are known as “cloud computing”, delivered to your business by “cloud computing providers”. Businesses purchase cloud computing services on the pay-as-you-go model, helping them cut costs and find flexibility any rising-star company needs so much. Being the specialist companies, cloud computing providers win from economies of scale and deeper insights into their domain. …

I’ve been copywriting for cryprocurrencies for a year. Now, I am branching out into other niches, such as finance, hi-tech, casinos, guides and tutorials and more. If you are looking for effective and diligent writing talent, I am your guy. Here’s my portfolio. Reach out to me now in Telegram (cryptolurve), Skype (live:saymynameseo) or email (saymynameseo@gmail.com). Read below about my process and benefits you’ll enjoy.

My Business Process

Nothing fancy. I use a simple and time-proven process to deliver high-value articles that you’ll love:

1. Reader Persona

I actually create a short brief on your TA. I want to feel like we’re talking…

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